This is a combination of research papers on several maritime issues from an industrial perspective, written by MSE Raúl E. Podetti together with experts from different niches.

The list of authors includes: Alejandro Arroyo Welbers, Carlos Brañas, Carlos Casares, Domingo Contessi, Guillermo Paglietini, Jorge Pérez Patiño, Jorge Regnicoli and Fernando Sánchez Checa.

Following its 2018 predecessor, Argentine Maritime Industry – 100 Years (1937 – 2036), the 9 books are organised under the same scheme: History, Industry, Politics and Future.

The new volumes will broaden the analysis on the Brazilian and Latin American shipbuilding industries – both with great support from the Panamerican Institute of Naval Engineering (IPIN). One edition will examine the role of the State in regards to this activity and a number of publications will broaden the relationship between the industry and the following niches: Transport, Fishing, Dredging, Lightweight Ships and the Antarctic Logistics, with one last volume dedicated to the Maritime LNG. Each publication will have its printed and digital version, both in English and Spanish. In the future there will also be audiovisual versions available online and for TV.